SEO: what can it do for you?

Search Engine Optimisation is a combination of tricks and hacks that one can use in optimising your site. They make it user friendly, improve your search engine rankings, and, most importantly, generate leads that could help you with more available conversions. SEO has often been compared to marketing, and though similar, they differ in several details. Website developers and programmers best comprehend intricate details of what good SEO should look like despite the details being easy to grasp for anyone.

Unlike in the golden days, SEO is now being embraced by both small and large scale businesses in the market, allowing for more relaxed driving of sales. Depending on your budget, you can selectively pay for SEO strategies that you can afford to get you on the right side of your search engine.

5 Essential SEO Tools to Use When Analysing Your Website


Once you have commenced your SEO campaign strategy, it is vital that you check the progress and only stick to those that work for you. Such web analysis makes it possible to design an effective strategy that may work for the best of your website. Here are a few tools that you can use to analyse your website.

SEO power suite

Search Engine Optimisation solely depends on acceptable strategies that can smoothen the entire optimisation procedure. This tool changes, respectively, with the changes in search engine algorithms. It does not require specialised training to master as it relies on these algorithm changes to function.

SEO profiler

Do you need to:-

  1. Do website audits
  2. Link analysis
  3. Research your keywords
  4. Optimise your website pages

If so, then SEO profiler is one tool that may prove very instrumental to your course today. SEO specialists prefer this option for its ability to allow for multiple user accounts. This software can furthermore be used in making PDF reports making it very vital for the course too.

Why You Need To Outsource an SEO Firm for Your Business Today


Search Engine Optimisation is a broad aspect that most small business owners find it hard to deal with. Rather than mishandling your SEO, consider hiring or consulting with expert SEO firms or individuals for assistance at a small fee. You get to enjoy several benefits as discussed below by choosing to involve a professional eye to your Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

1. Augmented traffic and rankings online

The goal of every business today is to improve its customers by gaining more visitors online. By practising the right SEO strategies, you improve how different search engines rank your website.

2. Better content for your target audience

It is almost impossible to create successive engaging articles every time you want to post on your website. By having expert SEO professionals, you can be guaranteed of high-quality, engaging materials specifically designed to please your target audience. This improves your traffic since people are attracted to legit content.

3. Cost-effective and time-saving

It might seem expensive to pay a team of NZ SEO experts, but repairing the damage caused by poor SEO may cost you more. Why not save time and have experts handle your work professionally and in less time possible.

4. Get free website audits

When working with professionals, you may benefit from other services besides the ones you paid for. Any technical issues may be dealt with for free other than the free software that will be installed for you for free.

Online Marketing

You could barely imagine how it is exhausting and challenging to make regular product sales or service patronage before the coming of the world wide web. Products are often carried by hand by ambulant peddlers, and if you’re lucky enough to have a bicycle, one could place items behind the saddle mounted on customized hangers or using the handlebars as additional holders.


Traditional marketing is still alive today, but it has been overtaken by advancement in technology. The coming of the internet has paved the way for businesses to depend on online marketing. Unlike the usual telemarketing, sellers can communicate with clients or customers in real-time chat rooms and video meeting conferences.


What is online marketing?


Online marketing is the process of using the Internet to its maximum advantage in order to sell products or promote services. The web becomes a platform to inform potential customers of product launching,  brand creation and development and creation of convenient services for the public.


Preliminaries of online marketing


  • Brainstorming – if you want to succeed in online marketing, you should think of unique or extraordinary products or services to sell or promote online. If you find a gap, fill it in with fresh ideas or concepts and whenever there is a need, take every single step to grab the opportunity for your own benefit.


  • Focus on content – if you feel that you have what it takes to convince people to believe in what you say, there’s no better way of writing and publishing it online. Content marketing increases a customer’s understanding of a product and guides him of its pros and cons.


  • Creating a website – this opens the opportunity to generate sales revenues from your visitors or subscribers. Either it’s a free website or a customized and paid platform, you are going to engage customers by telling them that what they see is what they’ll get.


  • Utilizing search engines – Publishing your business site gives you the opportunity to be seen online and more importantly, enabling or opening the settings for looking up products or services by other sites makes it easy for visitors to check what’s new on the menu.


  • Establishing a good reputation online – While some websites may not be safe to browse because of fraudulent or unsafe transactions, make yours reputable by placing your professional image, educational background and other credentials including your primary email address and contact numbers.


  • Following-up customers using e-mail – This is one great way of communicating with your customers. Apart from its formality and style, you’ve got to share files and other relevant information with great ease and confidence.


  • Increasing your income – When you encourage online customers to buy a comparable higher-end product rather than the one in question, you’ve earned a pretty much higher income. This is what we call as upselling. Cross-selling, on the other hand, earns revenue by inviting customers to buy related or complementary items.


Types of online marketing


  • Paid advertising like pay per click (PPM) and search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimization or SEO – this focuses on content marketing where relevant or helpful keywords are repeated several times in a text or article in order to be seen as a most essential option to click on Google.
  • Email marketing – promotions and ads are sent electronically to almost all individuals with an address
  • Affiliate marketing – the payment of commissions from sales leads and sales generation.
  • Influencer marketing – focus is more on influential people rather than the target audience in the market.
  • Social media marketing – advertisements on Facebook and product hashtags on Twitter are a few of the examples.



Effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Work Well

The world has gone digital. From business activities to casual communication, everything leverages digital mediums as they have not only proved more effective but also cheaper and easily accessible. Same is the case with marketing. Businesses, small and big, are always looking for the best digital marketing strategy/strategies to promote their products.

However, when it comes to marketing, one size fits all policy does not work. There are many digital marketing Geelong strategies in play these days and what works for one company may not work for another. But despite the unpredictable marketing scenario, analysis of recent marketing trends has shown certain strategies to work better than others for most people and businesses. Let’s see which and why.

Social Media Marketing

social marketing

One of the most successful and widely employed marketing strategies in 2018 was social media marketing. Almost 3.196 billion active social media users were registered in 2018. So marketing through these social media channels not only increases exposure to clients but also helps create more loyal customers.

Social media has become the norm in digital communication but employing the right media channels for your particular needs is very important. So carefully analyze your clientele and their social media usage. When your marketing efforts are focused on channels where the bulk of your customer base is present, you can observe a significant change in your outreach.

Email Marketing

Despite predictions of it going obsolete with the introduction of other marketing channels, email marketing has retained a considerable audience and brings a good ROI to marketers. What’s more is that you don’t have to break the bank with email marketing.

A good sense of your client base and catchy email content are the things to focus on with this strategy. So email marketing can be an extremely effective marketing channel for startup especially, if harnessed cleverly. If nothing else, just make sure that your content is easy to read with small or bulleted sentences, and is optimized for mobile devices.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has experienced a considerably fast tracked progress toward being one of the most highly rewarding marketing strategies in the past couple of years. The reason behind this shift is the effectiveness of carefully designed content in solving customer’s issues, making them more satisfied and trusting of the business’ credentials.

Investing your time and money in creating useful and brand-conscious content will not only increase visibility for your brand but also help customers see the mission and effort behind the scenes. And better vision means better sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Designing an aesthetically pleasing and fully functioning website is not enough when generating traffic -even in a non-saturated field. SEO has been known to not only increase your rank within search engines but also show you off as a reputable company. So if you are building a new website for your business, be sure to hire a good SEO professional to enhance its ranking and consequently, the traffic and conversion rates.

How to design a killer home page (advanced web design)


If you hope for results for your site, it is essential that we can find it easily on the internet! If no one visits it, it is useless. SEO (search engine optimization, optimization for search engines ) is a “web of science” very important that determines why a site visitor / or not and how to improve these results. Placing your site in search engines can make you ubiquitous or invisible …


CTAs invite visitors to take action on the site. It may be to download a document, contact you or buy a product. Making your site interactive creates a link between the visitor and you!

Some examples :

  • information documents to download
  • contests and promotions
  • product purchase
  • newsletter subscription
  • free try
  • contact / demonstration / consultation / etc.

Make sure to create a real activity to keep the interest of visitors on the site.


In principle, the more (interesting) content on your site, the more visitors you will have! A site that contains 100 pages will be more visited than a site of 10 pages in 99% of cases and a site of 500 pages will be even better, especially if there is regularly new content! Develop a publishing strategy to have content added regularly.

Some tracks :

  • Starting a blog is one of the best ways to add interesting content on a regular basis. A site with a blog attracts 55% more visitors!
  • Publish press releases and updates, but do not just rely on that.
  • Feel free to outsource if necessary: ​​you can find capable writers who will take care of publishing the articles of your blog if you run out of time to do it yourself.


The Blog is a great way to create content on a regular basis and communicate with your customers and prospects.

Landing pages (appeal pages, which attract many visitors) and CTA (Call to Action) are essential to attract visitors! Create amazing pages!

The RSS  or Rich Site Summary is an update notification system for regularly modified content.

Share! Add social media buttons so your visitors can share their experience on your site and attract new visitors

Analyzes ! You need traffic statistics for your site to be able to follow its evolution and to possibly realize if there is a problem with a page or a service


The costs of creating a website can be very variable. They will depend on the ambition of your project, its nature ( a simple site “presence” or a more complex site, interactive , allowing online sales , a forum, etc.) and of course the web agencywho will have won your vote. As in many areas, quality comes at a price. You can get a pre-formatted site for 300 Euros and that can be enough if you just want a presence – showcase on the internet. But forget originality and personality. Also, unfortunately, prices are often sold by beginners … and you risk having exactly what you pay for: a cheap site! Badly designed, badly crafted, badly thought out, ugly or riddled with errors, this kind of site is a lost investment that can even hurt your image. Think about the long term and budget also the costs of management of the site, hosting, updates, referencing, animation, etc.

Voila, armed with these few recommendations, you should see a little clearer – we hope – on what really represents the creation of a professional website.


The Internet has entered the daily lives of people and businesses to such an extent that an SME that today ignores it in its marketing strategy goes into battle with one arm! It’s also an area in constant development for 20 years: there are rules, principles and lots of things to know, to do or avoid … and here, as often in the professional field, amateurism can afford expensive.

Why internet? Because a traditional marketing campaign is generally aimed at a local audience (according to the media) while a professional website is a window permanently accessible to the world in addition to being a space for meetings and contacts professionals.

If you are ready to start on the internet, ready to create a professional website, make sure to be well supervised and well advised … you will easily find a web agency in Brussels , Wallonia or Flanders to guide you in this way perilous. But you must also find the agency that listens to you, understands you and manages to visually express the message and spirit of your company …

But the web agency can not do everything for you and there are important questions that you will need to ask yourself before taking the plunge …. We kept 10 of them:


It is essential to clarify your expectations in order to guide the creation of your website, which will give you benchmarks as the project progresses.

Some examples :

  • develop your reputation, be visible on the internet;
  • create a database of your products / suppliers / customers;
  • Present your products and services
  • develop an online sales service ( e-commerce );
  • reduce the number of phone calls for information requests;
  • develop sales and contacts abroad (multilingual website?);
  • etc.

These objectives can be quantified (turnover to be achieved, site use per day / week / month, conversion rate of visitors to buyers, etc.).


  • Who are they ? Do they already have a presence on the web?
  • Look at their sites: What do you like? What do not you like ?
  • Not to copy them but to perceive their strengths and exploit their weaknesses!


Concretely, it is a marketing concept developed from the analysis of different campaigns to determine what works and what does not work.

It can be summarized in three points:

  1. Each advertisement / campaign must make a concrete proposal: not just words, not just products, not blah-blah on products. A message that says: If you buy this product, it will bring you that!
  2. The proposal must be original, unique! A competitor can not or will not do the same.
  3. The proposal must be strong enough to reach as many people as possible!

Think about what your UVP could / should be!

To help you, some examples:

  • Head & Shoulders shampoos: “Get rid of dandruff. “
  • M & M’s: “Bottom in the mouth, not in the hand. “
  • Domino’s Pizza: “Get your hot pizza delivered to your door within 30 minutes or less – otherwise it’s free! “


Your site is not only about you! Visitors must find what speaks to them. Define the different visitor profiles that you target and address each group in a language that speaks to them, with topics that challenge them.

For each group, identify their needs, their behavior on the web, their sources of information and communication.


The “look” of your site must match you. Cool, fun, ultra-professional, classic, ultra-practical, ultra-design … anything is possible. Choose a style based on your goals or target audience. You can also search the internet to see what your competitors’ sites look like and align yourself … or stand out!