When is an iPad Battery Replacement Needed?

An iPad battery replacement will be needed when you’ve been using the device for a long time. iPad battery replacement is not something to be dreaded as it is affordable and not a complicated task to do.

Yet, what are the signs that you need an iPad battery replacement? Or can you change the battery of the device without having to buy a new one?

The good news is that an iPad battery replacement is the only thing to think about when:

The device unexpectedly shuts down

The normal function of the battery is degraded when it starts to overheat while in use. The overheating of the battery will automatically shut off the device. Often, the confusing signals sent by a degraded battery to the device will shut it down when there’s still 50% power left. The confusion of the degraded battery will also make the device shut down even when fully charged. Replacing the battery is the only thing needed when an iPad shows these malfunctions.

Slow charging time

An iPad that charges longer than expected is a sign of a degraded battery. Using fast chargers will not resolve the problem. The improper charging caused by a degraded battery cannot be resolved by fast chargers. An iPad battery replacement provides the only solution.

How to Analyse and Assess Patterns of iPad Usage and Health

Battery usage

Battery usage can be identified and analysed by doing the following:

  • Open settings and tap on the battery app
  • Battery usage data for the last 24 hours will be given after tapping on the battery app
  • Provide suggestions to close certain unused apps or make changes to optimise frequently used apps
  • The optimisation and changes help to retain battery power
  • The app can also provide information about the battery level and percentage based on the last charging
  • Running and draining the battery information provided by the app helps you make informed decisions about optimising the health of your battery.

Assessing battery health

Assessing the health of the battery includes:

  • Open settings
  • Choose privacy and security
  • Choose analytics and improvements
  • Open analytics data and choose the analytics file
  • Choose MaximumCapacityPercent
  • A number and percent symbol will be displayed
  • The number shown provides information on the percentage level of the current battery
  • A 95% battery percentage is usually shown for an iPad battery that has been used for a year
  • Between 95% and 85% percentage is given for an iPad battery that has been used for two to three years
  • Any number shown that is lower than expected means that you need to have the battery replaced.

FAQs about iPad Battery Replacement

Can you go the DIY route when replacing a battery?

Going the DIY route in changing the battery is fine. However, it is not the recommended route when you have no experience in changing the battery. The best way to prevent costly mistakes is to have the battery professionally installed. While having the battery replaced by a professional could cost more, the proper installation also means a trouble-free use of your iPad for a long time.

How to know if the iPad only needs battery replacement?

Replacing the iPad is an option to consider when it does not function to optimal standards. However, when the device is still running at optimum levels and not showing any other issues other than the battery, replacing the battery is always a good option.

More information is available at https://www.ptc.net.au/ipad-repair/.

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